Spring 2021

Swivel-Snaps Product Line Launch
Exact Date/Time TBD
We are excited to share what we have been working on. More details to follow!


October 2020

Patent Issued: European Union

August 2020

New Manufacturer
Same great quality and safety certifications.

May 2020

Swivel-Snaps Licensed to Anker Play Products
IG Design Group PLC & Design Group USA


August 2019

Added Swivel-Snaps Sprites (action figure) to the product line!

June 2019

Added Wheels, Axles, and Faceplates to the product line!

November 2018

Sold Out!

July 2018

Swivel-Snaps Goes International!
Thrilled to announce that we are partnering with a distribution channel in Israel. Our first international offering at scale.

May 2018

Patent Issued: Mexico

November 2017

Dr. Toy Award Winner
Swivel-Snaps honored with Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products Award for 2017

November 2017

Dr. Toy Award Winner
Swivel-Snaps honored with Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Building/Construction Toys of 2017

June 2017

Patent Issued: United States

June 2017

Nominated for Toy of the Year Award
American Specialty Toy Retailing Association – Industry trade show in Philadelphia, PA.

March 2017

Exhibited at local STEM Fair​
Students and guests of all ages built towers, houses, rockets, stars, spinning tops, and many more creations while learning about geometry in a fun and new way.

January 2017

Available for sale on Amazon.com
Product listed for nationwide (USA) sale and distribution.


Fall 2016

Swivel-Snaps available in local toy stores​
Family owned and run specialty toy store, G! Willikers Toy Shop in Portsmouth, NH adds Swivel-Snaps to their shelves.

October 2016

Swivel-Snaps Box 102 shipment arrives safe and sound on US soil.

May 2016

Patent Issued: Australia

April 2016

Patent Issued: China

November 2015

Swivel-Snaps Box 101 shipment arrives safe and sound on US soil.

Summer 2012

International and Domestic Trademarks Filed​
Registered trademark has issued in the USA and is in process in other countries.

Spring 2011

International Patent Application Filed
USA and other countries have issued patents on Swivel-Snaps®.

Spring 2010

Business Creation

Creative Toys LLC formed as LLC within New Hampshire, USA.

Creative Toys LLC is the design team behind Swivel-Snaps®, an innovative new construction toy platform. Our mission is to bring children’s imaginations to life while fostering a love for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).