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Magnet Free

Safer Constructions For Children and Pets!

Easy To Use

Build In Any Direction, Unlock Unlimited Possibilities


Amazing Construction Strength, Go Big, Then Bigger!

Imagine It

Let Your Creative Genius Loose; Imagine, Build, Play!

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Erica W.Great Product!
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I love this toy not only as a parent but also as an educator. My minds races with thoughts of all the ways this could be used in a classroom. Play with Swivel-Snaps leads to natural learning about geometry. Kids need hands-on learning and all children seem to love working with anything that has lots of parts! This would be a great tool to have in any classroom.
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Swivel-Snaps are amazing, stimulating creative energy I never knew my children had before. Fascinating to watch their imaginations come to life with Swivel-Snaps!
L. Boggs
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As an educator and mother, I am impressed with the quality of this toy.
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Bought them for our kids (Boy 11, Girl 9) both are NOT builders but they picked this up and play around. Both felt some pride in their work after building even simple structures.
Happy HomeGo-To For Birthday Gift
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Both my girls love these & kids seem always drawn to them during play dates... they have become my go-to birthday gift for friends!
JustinA lot of fun and bring out the creativity for my children.
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My kids love Swivel Snaps! I bought a box directly from the company and soon followed up with two more boxes. My kids (ages 5 and 7) spend hours building everything from rockets to structural designs. They even had me get some weights out to test the strength of their constructions. I was pretty impressed with how much they can hold. Really fun product!
M. KirkCaptivating. Kids love these things.
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Some friends are visiting us that have 2 boys - 6 and 8 years old. They saw the box of swivel snaps, dug into them and have been going nuts virtually non-stop for 3 days in a row so far. The mom, 31, likes how easy they are to clean up and is saying how much it teaches them about geometry and construction. We want more!

Dream Big!

Build A Rocket

Build A House

Build A Ball