Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How are Swivel-Snaps different from other geometric building toys?

A:  Swivel-Snaps doesn’t contain magnets!  Why is that important?  Because magnet based toys require a strict safety warning for children and pets.  Additionally, the unique Swivel-Snaps fastening technology is stronger than the magnet connection found in similar products.  For that reason Swivel-Snaps creations can grow to be much, much bigger.  Plus, they hold together when you move them, load them with goodies, spin them, or roll them around.  Please check out the video jingle with examples!

Q:  Is Swivel-Snaps plastic safe for children?

A:  Yes, Swivel-Snaps are made with toy safe ABS plastic.  Swivel-Snaps have passed UL and CE safety inspection standards. Additionally, we are proud to guarantee that Swivel-Snaps are 100% MAGNET FREE by design.

Q: What materials are available for download?

A:  Download our Geometric Solids guide and retail Instruction Manual

Q:  If I join your mailing list, will you sell or distribute my contact information?  I really don’t want any spam emails!

A:  We don’t care for spam emails either.  Swivel-Snaps, and Creative Toys, will never sell your contact information or email address.  The mailing list is used to inform our network of Swivelers about discounts, events, and announcements.  Please join our mailing list to stay in touch.

Q:  I’ve heard of STEM, but what is STEAM?  How does Swivel-Snaps apply to STEM and STEAM?

A:  Swivel-Snaps is STEM and STEAM in action!

STEM = Science Technology Engineering Math

STEAM = Science Technology Engineering Art Math

Swivelers young and old can learn while having fun!

With Swivel-Snaps, Swivelers can build countless animals and articulating joints!  (SCIENCE)

With Swivel-Snaps, Swivelers can build in any direction (2D, 3D, or both)!  (TECHNOLOGY)

With Swivel-Snaps, Swivelers can build towers/bridges/houses/marble runs/structures and cantilevers!  (ENGINEERING)  

With Swivel-Snaps, Swivelers can build patterns based on color, shape, or both!  (ART)  

With Swivel-Snaps, Swivelers can build the simplest geometric constructs (tetrahedrons, pyramids, cubes) or get advanced and build complex geometric solids  (cuboctahedrons, stella octangulas, triangular bipyramid augmentations)!  (MATH)

Learning complex concepts in a fun way has allowed parents to ‘watch Swivelers learn in real time’.  Swivel-Snaps make learning fun.

Q:  How is Creative Toys related to Swivel-Snaps?  Are they the same thing?

A:  Creative Toys LLC is the parent company that owns Swivel-Snaps.  Creative Toys LLC is headquartered in Hollis, NH.  Swivel-Snaps is the flagship product of Creative Toys LLC.

Q:  We have never played with Swivel-Snaps before, how many boxes should we buy?

A:  In our experience, you can never have too many because Swivel-Snaps creations can always get bigger and bigger and bigger!  But seriously, to start out we would recommend you consider buying 1 or 2 boxes per Swiveler.

Q:  The Swivel-Snaps box says this toy is for ages 6-106.  Could my 5 year old play with Swivel-Snaps?

A:  Swiveler enjoyment is our number one priority.   For that reason we set the age range to be 6+ because ‘aligning’ the parts and ‘snapping’ them together is a motor skill that develops between the ages of 4 and 6 years of age.  This is just an observation, it isn’t backed by scientific data (yet), but it is based on watching Swivelers young and old.  We have seen younger children learn the skill before our eyes in just a handful of attempts.  To be safe, 6+ is the recommended age for solo Swiveling.

Q:  My child (or adult) loves to build towers!  How many boxes would it take to build a tower taller than my Swiveler?

A:  Great news!  Swivelers of all heights can build towers to match their size.  This is because Swivel-Snaps don’t rely on magnets for the connection.  Even Robert Wadlow, the tallest man in history according to the Guinness Book of World Records, could build a Swivel-Snaps tower to match his height of 8 feet 11.1 inches… or higher!

In the Swiveling lab, we built a tower that is 27 inches tall with one box of parts and we had a single triangle left-over.  Please let us know if your single box tower design is taller than 27 inches!

Q:  How much weight can a Swivel-Snaps structure hold?

A:  It all depends upon how well you build something.  Just as in real life, the more you reinforce your creation, the sturdier it becomes.  Because this is a children’s toy, we advocate caution and common sense.  Please have fun, but always be careful.